Crane part——Zhengzhou Wan Xun Industrial Co., Ltd

We supply various spare parts for crawler cranes of the brands like Sumitomo, Kobelco, Hitachi, IHI, P&H, NIPPON, LIEBHERR, DEMAG, and MANITOWOC, such as support wheel, trailer wheel, guide wheel, drive wheel, track shoe, and etc. Besides, we also manufacture track shoe of crane and we can take the project of not more than 1000 tons production. Our products have good performance/price ratio and they are very popular among customers both home and abroad. Some of our machine models are listed below:

idler assy sprocket rollr lower track shoe top roller mode
        9030243 KH125
        9030243 KH125-2
  2000477 969180   969180 KH150
9025830 1001083 9024265 1000958 9010944 KH150-2
  2018674 9052030   9056707 KH180-3
    9018044   9028829 KH180-2
      1018370   CX500
    4414211     CX550
      1002744 9007554 KH300-2
    9080734 1008081 9079430 KH300-3
      2424J129   P&H550
    24100N1661F1   24100N1950F1 5045
  2404J316 24100N1661F1 2424J130D2   7045
    24100N1662F1     7035
  C04K0004F1 C90N0025F3     550
      GB60D00001P1   BM700
  GB51D01001P1   2424J154 24100N3082F1 BM500
  C04K0006C2F1 24100N1661F1     550
  2404N211F1 24100N2017F3 2424J154 24100N3082F1 7055
    24100N3124F2     7065
        24100N1082F2 5055
      2424J240   7080
24100J4278F2 2404N166C1   2424J145 24100N2427F3 7150
  CAA1062       SC500-2
    CDA0029     LS120RH5
  CDA0021 CDA0029 CDA0025   SC700
    CDA0390 CDA0492   SC700-2-3
  BLM2042       LS118
    CBA0140   CAA0442 LS108RH
  BMA0579 BCA0229   CAA0442 LS118RH3
  BMA1180       LS118RM
BMA1179 CAA0639 BLA2336 BMA1147 BLA2373 LS118RH
    BCB0214     LS218RH
        CEA0070 LS248RH
    CDA0029 CDA0025 CDA0683 LS138RH
CEA0039   CNA0003 09A1024 CEA0070 LS238
        CEA0070 LS248RH
    BKA0859     LS368RH5
      425851200 530096700 CCH500E
      425800500   CCH1500E
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